Water Damage Repair Hoboken NJ

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Water Damage


Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Hoboken NJ?

Water damage can decrease the value of a property and be miserable to endure for members of the household or employees in an office building. Fortunately, Green Choice Carpet of Hoboken NJ specialize in water damage repair and restoration. With prompt response and quick turnaround time, we can help you address the problem immediately while offering our distinctive advantages and great prices.

Free Estimate

Call us with any questions you have about water damage in Hoboken NJ. We will be glad to discuss the problem with you. You can also request a free on site inspection, and one of our skilled staff members will come out to examine the water damage areas. Then you will receive a written report indicating our assessment of the damage, along with recommended repairs and costs.

No Hidden Fees

After quoting you a price in a written estimate, there are no hidden fees that will be added later, unless additional problems are found while doing the repair work. Then, of course, these will be discussed with you. We want to become your go-to experts for water damage in the future, so we treat you well from the outset, working to protect your best interests.

Thorough Repair Process

After assessing the water damage, we begin by attacking standing water, mold, mildew, moisture, pooling, and other water issues. If the home or office is damaged in any way, we will bring that to your attention. After everything is cleaned up, the affected areas are treated to prevent mold or mildew growth. Then we work with you to ensure the area is fully restored and usable, and help you decide what further steps, if any, should be taken with regard to structural concerns that caused the water damage to begin with. We will also clean and restore your carpets, rugs and upholstery so they are clean and free of odors and bacteria

Our experts are skilled and experienced in water damage repair Hoboken NJ. From your first contact Green Choice Carpet of Hoboken NJ will listen carefully and help to address the problem effectively, safely, and affordably. Left untreated, water damage can pose a major health hazard to those around it. Let us help you clean up the problem before problems worsen.

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